Enhancing is your bread and butter. It's the key to building a strong deck. It can be found on the totally rad "Army " page. Just select the card you want to improve and select "Enhance."

Now, enhancing requires the sacrificing of other cards to the card you want to improve. It costs silver to sacrifice each card, so you'll need some currency. Basically, the more cards you sacrifice the higher the improvement of your chosen card.

An extension of the Enhance feature is Ascend. This will turn your card into a Legendary card and add one skill. It's quite impressive. Click here to learn more about Ascend .

The art of Enhancing is quite simple. Spend money and cards, get more powerful cards. Let us break it down together.

First off, higher star cards will give more experience, while higher star cards cost more to be enhanced. The higher the level the card is; the more the experience the card will give. It's simple enough to understand.

gives 4-5 base experience and cost 30 silver to be enhanced. ☆☆ gives 5-6 base experience and cost 35 silver to be enhanced. ☆☆☆ gives 6-7 base experience and cost 50 silver to be enhanced. ☆☆☆☆ gives 7-8 base experience and cost 80 silver to be enhanced. ☆☆☆☆☆ gives 8-9 base experience.

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